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Matte Lip Creams Part Two: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

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Welcome back for Part Two of my Matte Lip Cream collection! I hope you have all been enjoying your long weekend! This post I will be showing you my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme collection. Currently I have 5 of the range, which consists of 23 colours in total. I really want them all, but I have been struggling to find them all. Well at least find them all and be able to get them shipped to Australia.

I purchased my first NYX lip cream online from a site called All Cosmetics Wholesale (I actually purchased a bit of a NYX haul), I will talk about them more later on. I ordered Istanbul, and when I first got it, I was a bit confused about the whole lip cream thing. (Don't ask me why). I thought that the colour was too pale at first, and never really touched it for a while. I believe I got this around a year and a half - two years ago. After reading some more about the Soft Matte Lip Creams online, I decided to give it another go. I realised I loved the colour, and couldn't wait to get more! Around the beginning of last year, Target Australis introduced NYX to selected stores. I was super excited to stock up! But of course, being in Australia, the pricing for NYX was more than double what it costs in the USA. When I got to the US last June, I made sure to find some NYX and stock up! What I didn't realise is that it was pretty hard to find NYX in most of the places I went, and I had most of my luck in Chicago at Nordstrom Rack, and at an Ulta just outside of Chicago on the way to Joliet. The rest of the colours I have were purchased at Target when they had a 30% off sale, and another from ACW. 

ISTANBUL. This colour is almost empty I wear it that much. This is a staple in my handbag. Being a lighter colour, it is a little thinner than the rest, and the only gripe I have with it, is that sometimes it can show the imperfections/dry skin on my lips. Nothing a good exfoliant and lip balm wont solve though. It's definitely a light pink shade. 

MILAN. This is a deeper colour than Istanbul. You don't have to layer this colour as much, and I find it lasts a fair while on the lips. It's more of a dusty pink colour. 

ANTWERP. This is a little more rose pink, with the slightest hint of watermelon? That's what I get out of it, maybe it's the way it shows up on my lips. This colour is a little more subtle than Milan, but it's a very nice everyday shade. 

SAN PAULO. A rich pink, I'm not sure how to describe it, I am not very good with describing colours ha ha. It's a bit bolder than some of the others, and I tend to wear this one at night time. The colour pay off is quite rich with this one. 

ADDIS ABABA. This is getting empty as well. The packaging indicates that this is a super hot pink, although when you put it on, it really isn't (well compared to MA-LI-BOO by Australis). I find I have to layer this colour a little bit, and it is probably the only one I have issues with fading slightly uneven across the lips. I tend to wear a lip balm under this colour. 

Istanbul, Milan, Antwerp, San Paulo, Addis Ababa. 

Istanbul, Milan, Antwerp, San Paulo, Addis Ababa. 

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are just that, they are very soft, easy to apply, and when the fade off they don't leave a splotchy mess over your lips. They don't have any scent to them, so it's good for those with allergies or sensitive skin/nostrils!  I find the applicator sponge very easy to work with as it is small, so it is helpful in creating an even outline. The texture isn't drying, but it isn't moisturising either. I usually put a light coat of lip balm on first, or lately I have been using Avon Beyond Colour Plumping Lip Conditioner. I find that just helps to even out any fine lines, and make your lips appear smoother and fuller. 

You can purchase these from Target, in store or online for $12.95. I just checked their online store and they have 9 colours available. In store they usually have the same amount of colour options, but I find most of the time the NYX racks are completely mauled, everything has been opened, used, in the wrong spot, leaked everywhere. So I much prefer to buy them online so I know someone hasn't decided to see what it looks like on themselves. 

A great website is All Cosmetics Wholesale they don't always have every colour available, but they have a massive range of all NYX products. They sell in USD, so the matte lip creams are $6, and their international shipping costs are very reasonable. They actually have a huge range of brands and products, and quite often discontinued colours available. I have purchased from them several times, and everything has come in great condition, and has been authentic. I have even bought two MAC eye shadows from there, and I have inspected them against my MAC shadows I bought at David Jones, and they look identical. 

Another site I believe I bought from was Crush Cosmetics. Their site is down at the moment for maintenance, so I can't check it unfortunately. From memory their pricing isnt quite USD but isn't quite AUD. I did find that they had some colours that ACW didn't and vice versa. 

Hope you enjoyed part two of the Matte Lip Cream posts!

Jessie x

P.S. What are some of your favourite brands and colours? I really want to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills colours, and the Jeffree Star lip creams! Let me know in the comments!