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The Balm: Mary-Lou Manizer

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I have been putting off buying this for ages. I don't know why, I heard SO many good things about it, I kept putting it in my Amazon cart, then never going to checkout. After Nikkie Tutorials mentioned it in a tutorial, and she raved about how highlight-y it actually was, I finally ordered it. As many of you would be aware, make up is damn expensive here in Australia. Some brands are literally double the price. MAC lipsticks? $16usd vs $36aud. I know, right?! Insane. Luckily, some brands try and keep their pricing as similar to the US pricing, taking into consideration taxes, gst, and exchange rate. I picked this up from Amazon for $21.84, and shipping was about $6, but I had ordered something else as well. This usually retails for $34.95aud. You can order a lot of The Balm products from Amazon cheaper than you can buy them here, which is amazing!

I really like the packaging, it is super cute, sturdy, and has a mirror inside. It is a lovely golden colour, and it is really, really shimmery. I have ordered a bunch of Real Techniques brushes, and there is one in the order which I am excited to use with this. At the moment, I use a Real Techniques contour brush to apply my highlighter. When I get my order in, I will be sure to do a Real Techniques post, I absolutely adore their brushes! I order them off a site called iHerb, where if you spend over $40 you get free shipping, plus a 5% discount. How awesome is that? And the brushes are waaaay cheaper than in Priceline. 

I like to apply highlighter just under the arch of my eyebrows, on the tops of my cheekbones, sweeping up towards my temple, down the bridge of my nose, on the tip of my nose, and a little smidgen on my cupids bow. As this particular highlighter is so shimmery, you don't need a lot, unless you're going for a glowing unicorn look, then you do what you need to do. 

I have been wearing this every day since I got it. I absolutely love it! The colour is perfect, there is so much product in the pan. It makes you look fresh-faced and glowy even though it is only 6am. I will definitely repurchase this when I run out. I highly recommend it!

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