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ColourPop Super shock Eye Shadows!

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If you're a YouTube / Instagram addict like myself, chances are you would have seen everyone talking about ColourPop. There are a lot of brands out there, that seem to go viral across the two social media sites, but I always wonder their legitimacy as it seems every time someone talks about them, they always have a discount code. Are these products actually any good? Or is someone just talking about them for a sponsorship deal? When some of the YouTubers I follow and trust started talking about them, and a great website which I have been reading for years called Temptalia reviewed them, I knew I had to get my hands on some. I had just recently purchased the Australis Metallix eye shadows, and thought that these were going to be very similar, and I would just end up with a bunch of cream eye shadows that looked the same. How wrong I was. 

There was an error with my shipping, which resulted in my parcel ending up in Brazil, (thanks USPS) but this was no fault of ColourPop, when I emailed them to check on my parcel, they responded super quick, and immediately despatched a replacement order. Their customer service has been really great, and the staff seem super friendly and more than happy to help!

I was so happy when the postie delivered this little parcel! It comes with a little postcard of tips on how to apply the eye shadows, and a cute little message from the team. I was impressed with the packaging as well, it comes in a nice little cardboard box, and then the eye shadows themselves are in sturdy white plastic. 

Love the cute little postcard you get with your order!

Love the cute little postcard you get with your order!

It was so hard to pick out what colours I wanted, they have SO many in their range. I ended up with (from top left, clockwise) 

  • I <3 THIS - a champagne coloured shadow, it goes on quite light, but it isn't patchy at all. This would make a good colour for the inner corner, or all over if you want something neutral, but still sparkly.
  • HAMMERED - an olive green shade, great for people with brown eyes, I know I thought it went well with my eyes, and my skin colour (I have olive skin).
  • CRICKET - a pinky/purple colour, glittery, makes a great all over the lid shade.
  • ENVY - a dark purple/black with chunks of purple/pink glitter. You could use this with Cricket on the outer corners of your eyes for a smokey look. 

The tip card that came with my order said you can either use your finger tip, or a flat brush. So I tried one eye with a brush, and one eye with my finger. 

For the brush, I used my MAC 249 brush. I use this with my other cream eye shadows, including my Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo shadows. Unfortunately it seems that MAC have discontinued this brush, from what I have read the Sigma E60 is a similar brush, but I have not used it. Basically you just want a brush that is synthetic, and has a flat shape to it. You could also use a brush like this for applying something like MAC Paint Pot or concealer. 

Top picture L-R: Cricket, Hammered, I <3 This, Envy

Bottom Picture (taken in front of a window) L-R: Envy, I <3 This, Hammered, Cricket

I used Mac Paint Pot in Painterly as a base for the shadows, the left eye I used Cricket and applied it using my finger, right eye I used Hammered, and applied with the MAC 249 brush, You can see that applying it by finger gives a much more feathered out look, while applying it with the brush gave a much more structured look. You could always feather it out with your finger afterwards with some extra product, or using a synthetic fluffy brush to help blend it out. 

Overall, I really love the formula of the ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadows, they are creamy, but still feel like a powder, they don't apply blotchy, the swatches were super easy to remove from my arm, and didn't leave a glittery mess like the Australis Metallix. They are $5 US each, and I think that is a bargain! When you sign up on the ColourPop website, you also score $5 off your first order, which is a free eyeshadow!  They do ship internationally, and shipping was pretty reasonable. I would definitely purchase some more colours, they also do matte finish shades, which would look really nice! I wore these for about 10 hours, and they still looked like the photo, I also didn't have any glitter fallout from them at all. 

Has anyone tried any of the different shades? Let me know in the comments below, what are your thoughts?

Jessie x 


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