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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

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As much as I don't like to admit, I was never one to really adhere to the 'clean your brushes often' rule.. I would always read about beauty bloggers/you-tubers posting photos of their brush cleaning ritual, and then I would look at my poor neglected brushes and feel bad. That is until I went to the USA last June, and visited Sephora for the first time. 

What an amazing experience.

Let's be real, I visited Sephora many times during my 4 week holiday, and each time I did enough damage for all of us. On one of my last visits, I picked up a little gem from the folks who brought us the Beauty Blender; the BlenderCleanser Solid. The sales assistant informed me that this wasn't just for your beauty blender, but fantastic for brushes, and easy to use. I was sold! 

When I got home, I couldn't wait to test it out, and give my brushes a good cleaning. If you want (need) to clean your brushes and test out the BeautyCleanser Solid, here's how!

First off, grab your brushes, a towel, your cleanser, and head to the bathroom.

The aftermath of cleaning my MAC217 brush

The aftermath of cleaning my MAC217 brush

Lay out your towel and your brushes on your counter top. I like to roll up one long end of my towel so it creates an angle to lean my brushes against. This will come in handy once they have been washed. 

Run your taps to get luke-warm water running through, you don't need the water to be on full blast, just enough to rinse your brush.

Gently rinse the fluffy part of your brush under water, just enough to make it damp, then swirl that baby into the cleanser. If you find the cleanser is too dry, quickly add a few splashes of water to it to help create a lather. 


Once you have built up a good lather, and you can see the old makeup coming off, rinse the brush again, but this time I like to swirl it into the palm of my hand to help get the soap off, and then rinse again. Then squeeze out the excess water with your fingers. Your brush should look like this

It's like a brand spanking new brush!

It's like a brand spanking new brush!

Now that your brushes are all nice and clean, lay them to dry on your towel. The reason I mentioned before to roll up one end of the towel, is when your are drying your brushes, you want to lay the metal end down, so that any excess water doesn't run into the ferrule (metal bit where the bristles are glued in) of the brush and loosen the bristles. 

The brushes can take a good few hours to dry, so i suggest doing them after work or school one day, so that next time you need to use them they are nice and dry. You don't really need to clean your brushes too often, depending on how much you use them, I would clean them using this method every 3-4 weeks. However, in-between washes, I always clean off my brush using a brush cleaning spray and a piece of paper towel. Simply spritz one pump onto the paper towel and swirl your brush around, you should see all the excess makeup come off.  I picked up a bottle from Priceline for around $14. This is especially good for any brushes that you use for gel liner, and also a great way to clean your eye shadow brush between changing colours. 

The BeautyCleanser Solid is available from Sephora  for $15.95US plus taxes, or if you aren't in the USA, you can purchase it from Beauty Bay currently for $23AUD and free shipping! Edit: I have heard along the grapevine that Sephora Aus is going to be stocking this soon! Hopefully they get their online store up and running soon!

I hope this post has helped and encouraged you to go and wash your brushes! Let me know in the comments if you have any tricks or tips when it comes to keeping your brushes clean!

Jessie x


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