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How to Fix Broken Makeup!

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It was a sunny summers day in New York City when we arrived. We caught a shuttle bus from Newark airport to our hotel that was located near Hells Kitchen. We were ready to explore the city, but I decided I needed to freshen up first. I unpacked my makeup bag and headed for the bathroom. When I opened it up, I noticed that there was a large amount of shimmer/glitter spread throughout, "that's odd" I thought to myself, only to open up my NARS travel sized Super Orgasm blush to find it shattered. 

I was pretty annoyed, not only was my favourite blush broken, I now had no blush to use for the rest of my trip. How did a snow globe that I bought in Disneyworld make it to NYC but my little blush did not? Looking back to how my suitcase was thrown so carelessly onto the conveyor, it made sense. I almost threw it out, but I couldn't bare to part with it, so I did what any self confessed makeup lover would do, I searched how I could save it. 

Good old Pinterest to the rescue. There were many pins on how to fix broken eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, so I decided that when I got home, I would try and fix this little shimmery mess. 

Here's how! What you will need: Cling wrap, methylated spirits (or rubbing alcohol), a dropper, and a metal spatula.

Then you are going to want to tear off a small piece of glad wrap, and fold it in half. Place it on top of the blush, and take your little metal spatula (a small spoon can also work, just use the handle) and gently break the remaining powder up as fine as you can make it.

After you have crushed it all up, take the rubbing alcohol and a dropper, start off with 3-5 drops over it. You will probably need more depending on the size of the makeup. 

Once you have added the alcohol, take your little spatula (or spoon) and start smoothing it out, kind of like icing a cake (mmm cake). Until you start to notice it re-forming and looking like it once was. I needed a fair bit of rubbing alcohol for this blush, I think I filled my little dropper about 3-4 times.

I left the lid open and let it dry out overnight. The alcohol evaporates, but leaves the powder stuck together. I had noticed the next day that some of the powder was still loose, so I just added a few more drops of rubbing alcohol, and let it dry again. 

I have used this blush since fixing it, and the only difference I have noticed is that the pigment comes out a lot stronger than it used to. I'm not sure if it is to do with the formula being 'looser' as such, as it isn't as compacted in as it was when it was new. Either way, I'm just happy to have my blush back!

Thanks for reading!

Jessie x